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Ear Syringing in Bolton

A build of wax can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including ringing in your ears, deafness, earache and more. It can also interfere with the operation of your hearing aid so it’s important to address excess ear wax quickly.

Ear syringing treatment

The procedure will typically take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the amount of wax involved and whether it’s just one ear being treated or both.

We will position your head at a certain angle which will allow the water to flow down the ear canal and we’ll catch the water (and wax) in a bowl as it flows out. The procedure is completely painless but the sensation of having water squirted into your ear canal will probably feel a little strange, certainly at first.

It’s similar to the sensation of letting water into your ear when you’re in the shower. Ear syringing used to be widely available on the NHS and practiced by most GPs but local surgeries are doing less and less ear wax removal and patients need to visit specialist providers, such as Fresh Hearing in Bolton.

Advantages of ear syringing

Ear syringing is usually very effective if the ear wax hasn’t become too compacted so the success rate is high.

It’s quick, with most patients in and out in 30 minutes and it’s completely painless.

Who shouldn’t have their ears syringed?

Whilst the majority of people are good candidates for ear syringing, there are some people who should avoid this method of ear wax removal.

If you’ve recently had an ear infection, you have grommets or you have a mastoid cavity inside the ear, ear syringing should not be performed.

Are there any side effects?

Whilst ear syringing is a very safe and effective method of ear wax removal, in very rare cases there are some side effects.

There is a small risk of the ear wax being compacted further as the water is applied to the ear canal.

There is also a small risk of infection and a small risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drum. These side effects are extremely rare but if you have any questions or concerns about ear syringing, please give us a call.

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