Fresh Hearing Christmas Open Day Event

FREE Full Hearing Assessment

Fresh Hearing Christmas Open Day Event

Fresh Hearing are specialist audiologists with multiple clinics across England including Bolton, Warrington, Rossendale and more. Our hearing aids have been designed to be as discreet as possible while enabling you to hear the world around you with complete clarity.

This is event is perfect for people that aren’t sure if they should invest in private hearing aids. Unlike other hearing centres we have a unique piece of technology that analyses your lifestyle. From this data we can accurately advise on which level of technology is best suited to your needs.

  • FREE Open Day Event
  • FREE Full Hearing Assessment
  • FREE Take Home 14 Day Assessment Hearing Aids
  • EXCLUSIVE Christmas Discounts Available On The Day


Discover a hearing experience you will love. As a local independent business we want to improve your hearing this Christmas. If you are not happy with your current NHS Hearing Aids why not attend our open day event where you will receive a FREE full hearing assessment.

Open day event information:

Date and Time: 

Thursday 5th December from 9am until 5pm


65 Lower Deardengate,
BB4 5SN.


You can also take home our FREE 14 day real world assessment Flex Trial hearing aid

Traditional hearing assessments only happen in the clinic, a place where the user hardly ever spend time. After that assessment, customers are expected to make a decision to purchase a hearing solution they had never worn before and that they often can’t take home on the same day.

A trial allows clients to experience the benefits of amplification in the real world, risk-free, without commitment. It’s as easy as that. In fact, 99% of hearing care professionals say that FLEX:TRIAL improves the total experience for customers.

Whether you are at a bustling restaurant or in the peace of your own home,  hear for yourself the difference that a hearing solution makes. Life doesn’t sound the same every day, a real-world hearing assessment shows you what you will be able to hear, rather than just confirming what you can’t.

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Experiencing is believing
As part of our unique FLEX:TRIAL™ program, we are sending you home with hearing aids to wear in the real world, so you can feel confident that the ones you choose will work well in the listening environments where you spend your time.

Try it, wear it, love it

Flex:trial™ takes a simple three-step approach:

Step 1 – You’re fitted with the trial hearing aids at your first visit. There is no upfront cost or hidden obligation.

Step 2 – You wear the hearing aids home to try out in your day-to-day life – at work, home and play.

Step 3 – At the end of the trial period, you decide if you love the benefits of wearing a hearing aid. If not, simply return them and walk away owing nothing.

Make a confident choice
FLEX:TRIAL hearing aids also have built-in features that give us direct insights into your listening lifestyle and your impressions of your hearing aid performance. They automatically keep track of the type of environments where you are spending time, so we can get a true sense of your unique listening lifestyle. Because the better we get to know you, the more personalized your hearing aids will be.

Types Of Hearing Aids Avaliable


Invisible In Canal (IIC) is the smallest type of hearing aid fitting. It sits comfortably deep inside the ear canal and is completely invisible when worn.


These hearing aid devices fit completely inside the ear canal. Only the tip of a tiny plastic line shows outside the canal, which is used to insert and remove the instrument.


ITC (In The Canal) hearing aids fit all of their components inside a small shell, which is moulded to the shape of the ear to fit inside the opening of the ear canal.


In-the-ear hearing aids house their components in a custom made shell that fills the bowl of the ear. Their size makes them easier to handle than some other types of hearing aids.


These hearing aids use an in-ear amplifier to direct sound from the shell behind the ear through an acoustic tube and in to the receiver sitting inside the ear.


Behind The Ear (BTE) and Over The Ear (OTE) hearing aids contain their components in a casing which fits at the back of the ear, and direct enhanced sound in to the ear.

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Do I Need Hearing Aids?

More than 70% of over 70 year olds and 40% of 50 year olds have some sort of hearing loss.

You may be experiencing a subtle change or your hearing impairment can be very noticeable. As we get older it is natural for partial hearing loss to occur however hearing impairment can affect people for all ages.

If you you are finding it hard to hear or have noticed any change in your hearing quality, no matter how subtle, it is always a good idea to have a hearing test. At Fresh Hearing we can provide a hearing test from one of our professional audiologists to determine if your hearing could be improved by using a bespoke hearing aid.


At Fresh Hearing, we have partnered with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers to give you the absolute best options when it comes to your hearing. Below are some of the manufacturers and suppliers we currenly work with:

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“I was told that I had a total hearing loss in one ear, and nothing could be done to help. Mr Vasant gave me a pair of hearing aids to test and I wore them for several weeks.”

John Nield

Fresh Hearing Ltd.