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Ear Wax Removal & Hearing Aids in Warrington

Fresh Hearing offers a wide range of hearing care services in Warrington and around the North West. These include ear wax removal, hearing aids and hearing tests. 

Ear wax Removal Warrington

A build up of ear wax can cause a range of frustrating and scary symptoms that can significantly impact quality of life. Many patients experience a constant ringing, buzzing or hissing in their ear or ears which can be difficult to deal with. Patients also experience dizziness, deafness, itching in the ear and usually a feeling of ‘fullness’ in the affected ear.

The good news is that removing the ear wax is a fast and painless experience which should relieve all of your symptoms caused by the wax buildup. 

Can my GP surgery perform ear wax removal?

Most GP surgeries have stopped performing ear wax removal services and the ones that do often have a very long waiting list. In many cases, we can fit you in the next day.

If you are suffering from blocked ears, we offer a variety of treatments, including ear syringing.

Get in touch with our staff today and book in to see a specialist. 

Hearing Aids Warrington

Choosing the right hearing aids for your specific circumstances is important if you want to achieve the very best outcome. We take the time to understand your hearing issues as well as learn more about your lifestyle and use this information to choose the correct hearing aid for you. For example if you’re a very active person, we’d look at hearing aids that have been developed for active people. If you’re concerned with people seeing you have a hearing aid, we’ll look at more discreet models.

The hearing aid specialists at Fresh Hearing can cater for all you requirements around hearing aids in Warrington. We have access to the latest styles, including bluetooth and in-ear canal models.

Fresh Hearing also works with a number of hearing aid manufacturers, meaning we can often offer a much more competitive price than high street stores. We’re not limited in the brands and models we can offer you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our hearing aid service, give our friendly team a call and find out about our trial periods.

To find out more about all of our hearing care services and how we can help you, contact our expert staff today. In many cases, we can offer next day appointments.

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