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Fresh Hearing are fully qualified providers of both Irrigation and Microsuction which are both techniques to professionally remove a buildup of earwax from the ears.

Both of these services are specialist clinical procedures and our staff undergo extensive training to earn the required qualifications to deliver the service safely.

There are a range of products available that are designed to soften the ear wax at home (such as Earol) but it’s important that the removal of the ear wax is done professionally to prevent risk of injury.

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Ear Wax Removal Using Irrigation

Ear irrigation is a very effective method for removing a build up of wax in the ears. The procedure uses a pressure controlled electric irrigator (rather than the old style metal syringe) and starting on the lowest pressure, we can begin to gently disturb even the most compacted ear wax by squirting the water into your ear canal. We may increase the water pressure depending on how stubborn the ear wax is and the clinician may also try positioning your head at various different angles to further help disturb the wax.

During the procedure, we will use an auriscope (a device that allows us to look inside your ear) to ensure that the irrigation is working and that the wax is breaking up and coming out.

The whole process is completely painless. The water temperature used is near enough the same temperature as your body so won’t feel too hot or too cold. However the sensation of water being squirted inside your ear isn’t one you’ll be familiar with so will feel a bit strange.


Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction ear wax removal is a very common procedure during which we will use a binocular microscope to give us a very clear and accurate view of your ear canal. From there, we will use an extremely fine suction device which literally sucks the ear wax out of your ear canal.

The binocular microscope and the suction device allow for a very high degree of accuracy and ensure a very quick, painless procedure without the mess involved with irrigation. This makes microsuction ear wax removal the preferred choice of both patients and our team at Fresh Hearing.

Where possible, ear wax softening drops are recommended for approximately four days before the procedure to ensure the wax is is soft enough to be successfully removed

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