Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Some of the common signs of hearing loss are:

  • Turning up the TV volume
  • Struggling to follow a conversation
  • Struggling in background noise environments
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Believing other people are mumbling

Hearing loss happens slowly, so sometimes friends and family may notice a problem before you do.

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What to expect at your appointment

Our comprehensive consultation entails a thorough diagnostic evaluation of your auditory system, covering the following key components:

  1. Comprehensive Medical and Hearing History: By delving into your symptoms and history, we can analyze factors contributing to your hearing difficulties.
  2. Otoscopy: Utilizing a magnified scope, we inspect your ear to assess the health of your ear canal. This process helps identify infections or blockages. If wax blockage is present, we offer ear wax removal during your hearing appointment. In the case of an infection, we recommend appropriate medical treatment.
  3. Diagnostic Hearing Test (Pure Tone Audiogram): We employ state-of-the-art equipment to conduct this test, delivering a detailed evaluation of your hearing capabilities.
  4. Tympanometry: This test checks middle ear compliance, crucial for diagnosing issues within the middle ear. It also evaluates the integrity of the eardrum, identifying any perforations or lesions.
  5. Speech in Noise Testing: This vital test assesses your ability to discern speech in noisy environments.

Once the tests are concluded, your audiologist will compile the collected information and offer a comprehensive explanation of the results. Additionally, they will explore suitable solutions for you and, if necessary, make onward referrals to your doctor.

If the test results suggest that hearing aids could be beneficial, we will discuss the latest available technology and ensure that the hearing aids are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Are free hearing tests good enough?

Whilst they won’t cost you anything, free hearing tests are often carried out within 15 minute time slots and they are very basic.

They might be useful if you just want a quick hearing check up but if you suspect a hearing loss, we would recommend a more comprehensive hearing test. High street chains offer free hearing tests as a way to sell their limited range of hearing aids.

How do I know if I need a hearing test?

It’s important to get your hearing checked regularly rather than waiting for a problem to arise. Having said that, if you’re feeling any discomfort in your ears or your hearing suddenly changes in any way, you should book a hearing test.

If you’re struggling with conversation (in person and on the phone) or you’re mumbling and asking people to repeat themselves a lot, that’s also a good sign you should book a hearing test. As mentioned above, another very good indicator is watching the televisions with the volume louder than other people need it.

You may also experience a sensation of water in your ears which makes things sound dull.

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How often should I get a hearing test?

How often you should get a hearing test will mainly depend on your age and lifestyle. If you’re younger than 50 and have no concerns about your hearing, once every 3 years is a good guide. Having said that, if you’re young and you listen to a lot of loud music or work in loud environments, we would recommend more frequent checks.

For people over the age of 50, we would suggest getting your hearing tested once a year. This is because hearing tends to affect you more later in life. Remember, hearing tests are very straightforward and painless so there’s no reason not to get one when you need.

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How reliable are hearing tests?

Comprehensive hearing tests are a very reliable way of determining the health of your hearing. If you have any concerns about your hearing you should get a thorough evaluation.

Do I Need Hearing Aids?

If your hearing test shows that you have some hearing loss you may be a good candidate for hearing aids. Our hearing tests will help us understand the type of hearing loss you are experiencing, along with factors such as your lifestyle, will determine the right hearing aid for you.

We have full access to the leading hearing aid manufacturers and we recommend hearing aids that are right for your individual circumstances.

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