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Another happy customer fitted with the new Starkey custom rechargeable hearing aids

Fresh Hearing


I was very impressed with the service provided by Nish - friendly, attentive and reassuring!

Komal Asani

Reviewed 5* on facebook

The customer was fed up with constantly pulling his hearing aids out when wearing a mask. This little CIC hearing aid has solved all the issues.

Fresh Hearing


5* experience! Professional and knowledgeable, wouldn't go anywhere else!

Charlene Armitage

Reviewed 5* on facebook

Fantastic friendly and attentive service, highly recommended. 5*

Anusheel Prasad

Reviewed 5* on facebook

Nish is friendly, professional and efficient.. a winning combination for someone in the medical field..! A clean and welcoming environment. Overall an exceptionally great service and I highly recommend Fresh Hearing... Thank You!

Shroom00July 20, 2020

Amazing service, sorts my ear out every time, I've recommended a number of people now and all have the same experience. Been today and all PPE and Covid precautions in place. Couldn't recommend enough

Adam TaylorSeptember 20, 2020

Great service did the job perfect

Stuart Stabler

Reviewed 5* on google

Very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable, done a great job, would highly recommend.

Peter HealyAugust 19, 2020

Fantastic place & has sorted out my hearing in one quick appointment. Ears syringed & now I can hear again! I will be returning if it happens again. Place extremely clean & staff lovely. Thank you

Katie ReganSeptember 20, 2020

I was more than happy with the service and results when I recently visited Fresh Hearing to have my ears syringed at short notice, many thanks.

Spencer AngleseaNovember 19, 2020

Would have had to wait 5 months at Leigh infirmary on NHS!! Rang Fresh Hearing and got an appointment 2 days later and at 8PM so I could go after work. Nish and the young lady representative were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others. Oh and I can hear now.

Steve DickinsonMarch 11, 2020


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