Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids

Phonak Paradise – A Revolutionary New Hearing Aid from Phonak

The new Paradise hearing aid from Phonak brings with it so many great features. The sound quality is clear and crisp, it connects to selected devices via Bluetooth, provides dynamic noise cancellation and has inbuilt motion sensor facilities.

Sophisticated wireless technology

Both the hardware and the software are impressive and the sound remains unblemished no matter the user’s environment. Incredibly sensitive are the motion sensor detectors; these pick up the user’s movement and steer the microphones in the necessary direction. If listening to audio, wearers can pause and resume recording by simply tapping the ear. Because it is capable of connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices, consumers can have streamed audio recordings coming in from one device and then switch to another via any type of smart operating system.

This next-generation hearing aid solution makes good use of wireless technology. Using the double-tap control feature, not only can users link to the many types of voice assistants but also they can even answer and reject calls. Simply tap on the ear to connect wirelessly with Siri®, Google Assistant™ or Amazon Alexa®.

Natural sound quality

The Paradise contains a revolutionary sound processing chip, called the PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management). It unites the power of both the hardware and software to provide consumers with astounding levels of natural sound quality. When others are speaking quietly, the speech enhancer comes into play, boosting the level of sound.  Its noise-cancelling feature ensures that wearers of the Paradise device don’t get lost in background clatter.

“When creating our latest hearing solution, we turned to nature for inspiration,” said Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Marketing for Sonova. “Hearing is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental for our overall well-being. Nature is also the source of so many sounds that can soothe, relax and comfort us. What better way to rediscover sound than with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself?”

Use in conjunction with the myPhonak app

Phonak Paradise can be personalised to suit the user. By making use of the myPhonak app, wearers can adjust the level of background noise to suit their needs. Incredibly, they can even take part in a hearing test, via the device, without leaving their residence. At the same time, the Phonak Hearing Screener has been improved, enabling anyone to take an online hearing assessment.

This hearing aid takes its power from a proven lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which provides a day’s worth of listening and/or audio streaming.

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