How much do good hearing aids cost?

Let’s be honest, quality hearing aids don’t come cheap.  Prices vary dramatically depending on the technology used, ranging from as low as £750, to up to £1750.  Though some people suffer from single sided hearing loss, and therefore only require one hearing aid, most commonly people require two.

A great hearing aid that’s well suited to you will make a major difference in your quality of life, improving everything from daily activities to communication with others.  This is the reason it’s important to invest in the services of a hearing specialist, who will point you to a premium quality device that has been specifically designed to address your problem.

 This is a much better idea than shopping around online for a cheap device that won’t be backed by extensive research, and at best will only provide a one-size fits all solution.

If you’re looking to purchase a top-quality new hearing aid, there are several critical factors it’s important to bear in mind.

You’re paying for bundled services 

When you buy your hearing enhancement, usually you are not just purchasing the device itself, particularly if you’re buying from a specialist ear clinic.  Typically, the purchase price will include an initial consultation, a hearing test, fitting fees, and follow up adjustment sessions, as well as a 1-3-year warranty and routine cleaning appointments.  Sometimes batteries will also be included in your bundle pricing.

Your clinic may be able to unbundle the cost of hearing care services from the price of the device if your budget is limited.  They will also talk you through exactly what’s included in the price of your package.

Technology level makes a huge difference

Most hearing aid lines produce basic, mid, and higher-level devices that range in price point and features offered.  Top of the line devices will have the latest technology available, such as advanced noise reduction, and Wi-Fi capability.

Tech costs have decreased enormously over the years and now even basic devices offer a level of technological sophistication only the wealthy could access, just a few years prior.  A professional ear specialist will match you with a device that suits your needs, budget, and hearing impairment.

You’re paying for usage over time

Your device is not a one-off throwaway purchase but something you will be using every day, for a significant amount of time.  The amount of research and development needed to produce durable devices that offer the sophisticated features expected by users is immense.  When broken down on a per daily basis, over the typical lifespan of a hearing aid, the cost of your device seems significantly cheaper.

You’re paying for specialist design and customisation

You might have wondered why you can’t just snap up a cheap device online, and it’s true that recently the market in this area has exploded.  The problem is, these types of devices are created to boost all sounds, not just the ones you can’t hear. 

A survey conducted by the Better Hearing Institute, of 2,000 hearing aid users, discovered that 99% of people who used a specialist clinic to purchase their hearing aid were satisfied with the benefits they received.  This was opposed to only 12% of people who purchased their device from an online seller.

When you go to a clinic, they will calibrate your device specifically to your unique hearing loss.  They will also adjust it to address any other issues you suffer from, such as ringing ears.

We can help find your perfect hearing aid…

At Fresh Hearing, we will match you to your perfect hearing aid, from a wide range of customisable choices.  We include a variety of bundled services available with your purchase, that we can tailor to suit your requirements.

Our clinics, based in Haslingden, Bolton and Warrington offer everything from hearing tests to hearing aid repair, and we can provide home visits if you are unable to get out of the house.To book your initial consultation, just call us on 01706 215 479 or make an appointment via our contact form.

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